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Volume I CD

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1. The Sound In The Halls 10:05
2. Jesus Wept 14:23

Formed in the cold, harsh winter of 2012 over a common disdain for mankind, Atragon worship at the altar of the riff. They desire only to bring about your doom through the powers of distortion, tube amplification & heathen ritual.

Remixed and mastered version of the online demo. This comes in a professionally printed and duplicated 4 panel wallet, and is limited to 150 copies.

Jan Gardner - Vocals
Ruaridh Daunton - Guitar
Danny Sweeney - Guitar
Ewen Cameron - Bass
Duncan McLaren - Drums

Recorded & Mixed by Graeme Young - Chamber Studio
Mastered by Stu Gordon - Wall Of Sound Productions
Artwork by Adam Brunn

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